Interested in becoming a part of the Friendship aspire family? We are now enrolling for the 2024-2025 School Year!


Parents! Why You Should be Excited to Enroll Your Child at Friendship Aspire!

Sparking your child’s imagination. Classrooms immersed in academics and creativity. Experiences you can’t get at other schools in the area. Those are among the reasons you and your child will be happy to be apart of the Friendship Family! Let’s take a look!


Dedicated and Experienced Teachers

Friendship Aspire Academy takes pride in its teachers — an incredibly dedicated and experienced group of educators. They are spread across our 11 schools at our 7 campuses in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Marvell-Elaine and three campuses in Pine Bluff. With a profound passion for teaching, they are fully committed to fostering their students’ growth and helping them reach their highest possible level of success. By creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere, students are encouraged to take risks and discover new perspectives. The teachers give personalized attention to each and every student, thus leading to notable academic achievements.


Grow With Extracurriculars

All our campuses offer exciting programs to help build students’ life-long skills, friendships, and knowledge. From basketball and soccer to visual arts and robotics, we provide students with exclusive experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. Friendship Elementary’s electives programs — like Cub Scouting, which gives children the opportunity to acquire new badges while engaging various activities, and Girl Scouts — is a great way for girls to gain vital leadership skills and sharpen their decision-making and goal-setting aptitudes. Cheerleading enthusiasts have the chance to get involved at the elementary, middle school, and high school level.

Our schools also offer opportunities for singers of all levels to learn and improve. From elementary school all the way up to high school, students have the opportunity to participate in vocal ensembles, explore various music styles and artists, and experience the thrill of performing on stage. 

Middle and high schoolers interested in robotics and programming can delve into the captivating realm of robotics and hone problem-solving abilities that will be advantageous no matter their career choice. We also provide an ideal Money and Investment Club for students curious about personal finance, which will teach them about investments and enter them in the Stock Market Game on a national level. 


Diverse Course Offerings and Academic Options

Friendship Aspire Academy prides itself on providing a diverse array of course and academic options to fulfill the varied interests and requirements of our students. We obsess over the fundamentals: reading, writing and math. But we also offer an expansive range of classes that span from traditional offerings to modern choices like Music Production, Game Design, and Culinary Arts. Whether you lean more towards STEM or have more creative inclinations, we have the courses to maintain your child’s motivation and curiosity throughout the academic year.


Friendship Volunteers Program

Our Friendship Volunteers Program offers an engaging way for families to connect with their child’s classroom and enrich their own personal learning experience. By providing support in reading, math, or other skills, or chaperoning field trips, even sharing a personal story or lesson related to the subject – this program provides a unique way for families to be involved. You can show off your skills or help behind the scenes — there are plenty of ways for parents to get involved.

Our interactive volunteer opportunities allow parents to enrich their child’s learning experiences. You can also choose to assist in less interactive ways, such as organizing supplies and tidying work areas. And you can help out in the office, from answering phone calls to keeping attendance. All this will help families not only establish connections with teachers and other parents but also contribute to a community. Plus, your children will see their families involved in their classroom activities, which makes a positive impact on their overall education.

Friendship Aspire Academy in Arkansas is unlike any other school experience. We strive to ignite imagination in our students by fostering creativity, critical thinking, and community involvement.


We’re Not Just A School — We’re A Community!

Our dedicated parents and regionally certified teachers work together to ensure our students are surrounded by the resources they need for success. From student outings to clubs, we offer our students a range of extracurricular activities that help them build lifelong friendships and explore different career paths. 

Our award-winning curriculum, combined with passionate teachers and weekly real-time instruction, allows our students to learn at their own pace and build a strong foundation to meet academic standards.

Are you excited to learn more about Friendship Aspire Academy in Arkansas? Visit our website and enroll today! We can’t wait for you and your child to join the family!