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Friendship Aspire Academy Garland Elementary

Campus information

3615 W. 25th Ave,  
Little Rock, AR 72201

Phone: (501) 500-0558
School Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


Our mission

The mission of Friendship Aspire Academy Garland is to provide a world-class education that motivates students to achieve high academic standards, enjoy learning and develop as ethical, literate, well-rounded and self-sufficient citizens. Friendship Aspire Academy – Garland seeks to fulfill this mission by providing students a high quality, liberal arts education focused on preparing students with the academic and life skills needed to be successful in college and beyond.


Our principal

Timothy D. Scott II Ed.S

“Creating a positive and thriving environment for every student and staff member.”

Mr. Timothy D. Scott II Ed.S. is the fantastic Principal of Friendship Aspire LR Garland with over 13 years of experience in the education field. Mr. Scott’s mission is to create a positive and welcoming school culture for all students and staff. He’s also a member of various honor societies and fraternities, which shows his dedication to academic excellence and community involvement. Timothy is a proud husband and father to a lovely little girl named Kaidence.

Programmatic Features of the School

Programmatic Features of the School

Friendship’s philosophy is that all students can achieve at high levels when provided with a consistent message of achievement from all stakeholders, strong organizational leadership to promote and maintain rigorous instruction, and research-based curriculum that engages learners. Therefore, Friendship builds schools by first engaging families and students in a vision of the future that emphasizes the skills required for college and career success. Staff are then trained in the most effective research-based practices for differentiating student learning and fostering creativity, creativity, and critical thinking.

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