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Careers Friendship Volunteers program

FAA Southeast High
Extended Learning Program

Start date: September 7, 2021

End Date: May 25, 2022

Begins at 7:00-7:45

The Programs Are Divided Between Electives and Athletics


Academic Essentials: Scholars get homework help and learn academic strategies that support learning in the classroom.

Journalism / Video Production (yearbook): Students will work with video and still shot cameras, lighting and backdrops to shoot, edit and produce content on campus and develop a skill that can translate into 21st century workforce skills.

GLEE / Chorus: Join the ensemble of voices to learn songs from a variety of genres and artists and we will provide the opportunity for performance. Great for singers at all skill levels. Build confidence and technique and celebrate the love of singing!

Robotics / Programming: Scholars will develop and program robots that can compete against opponents in a series of specific challenges. Robots encourage problem-solving, creative thinking, and a healthy sense of competition that drives innovation from students. As students improve with robotics and programming, they learn determination, perseverance, and how to plan and process with technology. These are critical learning skills needed to push students to be globally competitive and entrepreneurial. Robotics showcases will happen each semester.

iHUSTLE (I Have Unique Skills to Learn and Earn): Is offered through Brandon House Cultural and Performing Arts Center designed to cultivate employability skills of high school students by providing practical workplace experiences related to audio/music production, photography, videography, graphic designs, and creative and performing arts. Activities in this program uses technology including audio, music and production where students work in a studio setting to gain experiential hands-on learning experiences.

Money and Investment Club: to introduce students to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cyber currency, branding, and various other ways you can invest your money. The students will participate in the nationwide Stock Market Game where they can compete against students all over the country through their investment decisions. This real world experience will help students understand investment opportunities so that their money will work for them!

Garland Elementary extended learning program
Garland Elementary extended learning program


Boys and Girls Basketball: Tryouts for the school basketball teams are held in September. Those who make the team will then practice and play from November to March. Teams play competitively against other league teams.
*uniform fees may apply*

Girls Volleyball: Tryouts for the school volleyball team and generally held at the end of August. Girls who make the team will practice and play until December. Team plays competitively against other league teams.
*uniform fees may apply*

Boys and Girls Soccer: This spring sport has both a girls’ and boys’ team. Tryouts are generally held in February and athletes will play until May. Teams play competitively against other league teams.
*uniform fees may apply

Track (boys and girls): A spring sport. Generally, the season runs from January to April. This sport builds and encourages speed, agility, and strength and healthy competitive spirit. *uniform fees may apply

Cheer: This co-ed team combines elements of dance and gymnastics with shouting slogans to encourage our teams and elevate our crowd! Team tryouts occur in the fall each year. *uniform fees may apply

Esports: Year round organized video gaming tournaments! ! Teams and individual competitive tournaments compete in league play. Friendship Aspire will be participating in the official Middle and High School Esports Leagues for the 2021-22 season. Tournaments will be centered around 13 of the most popular team-based and single player games. Scholarships, prizes, and perks are up for grabs!