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Dyslexia Information

ACT 1039-Dyslexia Screening and Intervention

During the 19-20 0 elementary and 1 middle school student were identified as dyslexic. However, there were 19 students in elementary and 4 in middle school identified as needing intervention.

Dyslexia interventions

All Arkansas public schools must have trained Dyslexia Interventionists on staff. Friendship Aspire Academy Arkansas has a coordinator and trained teachers at each campus.


All Arkansas public schools are required to conduct initial screening in Kindergarten through 2nd grade for characteristics of dyslexia. In addition, all schools are required to screen any student in the 3rd – 12th grade who appears to be experiencing difficulty

Previous Years

ACT 1039-Dyslexia Screening and Intervention

During the 18-19 school year no students were identified.

Dyslexia interventions used during previous school year

There were no dyslexia interventions used during the previous school year

Number of Students Receiving Dyslexia Interventions During Previous Year

There were no students receiving dyslexia interventions during the previous year

Total Number of Students Identified with Dyslexia During the Previous Year

There were zero students identified with Dyslexia during the previous year